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RH Logistics

We are one of the reputed supply chain management firmsin Chennai specializing in logistics, multi-channel fulfillment, packing, lashing, securing, lifting and SCM. We also specialize in IT solutions and software development and dedicate maximum time in understanding the requirements of the customers before devising the next strategies. We have expansive warehouse where we store inventories of the customers and also pick, pack, ship the cargo to various destinations. We also believe in customer satisfaction and strive hard to meet the needs of our trusted clients.

We have partnered with world leading fulfillment centers and logistics channels and do our works according to the exact business requirements of our customers. We have the capacity to store several tons of cargoes in our state-of-the-art storage units and systematically stock, segregate, salvage and dispatch the consignment according to fixed time schedule.

We believe in building best rapport and developing best relationship with all our customers and partners. We plan our supply chain and delivery strategies well in advance and charge negligible amount for the services offered by us. Customers can cut their logistics, storage, forwarding and delivering costs to a great extent when they utilize our professional SCM services.

We have decades of experience in this area and will try our level best to surpass the expectations of the clients that hire us. Our supply chain managers are dynamic, energetic and active professionals and they will accept maximum responsibility till their complete their tasks properly. Customers will achieve increased productivity, sales and business profits when they partner with our company. Supply chain managers will sincerely monitor the flow of goods and fulfill the business requirements of the people that hire us. Growing companies can reduce inventory, freight forwarding and other types of transportation costs and take their business to the next stage hassle free.

Multichannel retail fulfillment is gaining immense popularity after the advancement of technology and we have expertise knowledge in warehousing, process implementation, multi brand outlets, value added service, catalogue, modern trade and so on and so forth. Artificial intelligence, Big data analytics, GPS enabled tracking devices and robotics are gaining momentum and as a grown up company we understand the challenges that are faced by the start-up firms in finding new customers and maintaining perfect lien with existing customers. Some of the services that we offer under this category are pick and pack, virtual drawing, supply chain layout design, inventory management and transport management systems.

Biography of Basheer

Our chairman Shri who has profound knowledge and experience in SCM, freight forwarding, IT solutions and mechanical engineering has worked amwaj ksa for around 22years decades in Saudi Arabia before venturing into his own business which was started during 2017 in the city of Chennai. He has many feathers in his cap and won various types of awards and accolades in the past.

He is not only a business entrepreneur but also a leader, mentor and innovator. He was lauded as one of the best employees in the companies which he worked and still owns maximum responsibility in his works. He has that charisma, dynamism and professional ethics which only few business tycoons carry till date. Customers who are doing business with him and our company are growing leaps and bounds.

What We Do

We deliver breakthrough and enduring results, creating bold, innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole organization.

About RH Logistics

We are one of the reputed supply chain management firmsin Chennai specializing in logistics, multi-channel fulfillment, packing, lashing, securing, lifting and SCM.

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